Nadia Tykulsker

Nadia Tykulsker is a native Brooklynite, a mover/maker/manager/mayhem causer. She has been fortunate enough to work with incredible artists such as Faye Driscoll, Alex Springer, Xan Burley, Sacha Yanow, and Shannon Hummel, amongst others. She is currently working as Faye Driscoll’s choreographic assistant. Not only is she a choreographer and dancer, but she has dabbled in stage management and lighting design. She has also spent much of her time creating the musical project Pegasus Warning, with front man Guillermo E. Brown ( acting as the projects WOMANAGER. In 2010 she founded Spark(edIt) Arts, a Brooklyn-based collective to bring dancers and artists of different mediums together to make works of collaborative dance-theater.  Spark(edIt) is interested in redefining the boundaries of making: repainting how, where, and by whom dance can be experienced. Our work is based on the belief that one can tackle intimate, familiar, and emotional subjects with humor, boldness, and honesty.  She has been the recipient of a Brooklyn Arts Exchange Space Grant and is currently an Artist in Residence at Chez Bushwick.  She is currently working on Spark(edIt)’s season at Triskelion Arts from Febraury 20-22nd.


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